Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catapult Fitness Blog NO BULL Seal Of Approval Winners

I made the decision early on to only advertise products that I feel truly feel would be of value to CFB readers in regards to helping them achieve their fitness goals.

This is why you have never seen Google Ad Words on this blog, as allowing such advertising would take that control out of my hands.

I started the Catapult Fitness Blog NO BULL Seal of Approval back in December 2008 as a means to help CFB readers pinpoint specific products that I highly recommend. Each of the products/services that receives the NO BULL Seal of Approval has been tested by myself and in some instances, other CFB readers.

Current recipients of the Catapult Fitness Blog NO BULL Seal of Approval include:

* Because I feel strongly about the value these products offer, and because they have given me the opportunity, Catapult Fitness Blog is an affiliate for these companies. This means that should you choose to purchase these products via a link on Catapult Fitness Blog, a small stipend is paid by the manufacturer/publisher. Today, all money generated as a result of these affiliate marketing efforts is re-invested back into Catapult Fitness Blog.

If there are other products you are interested in seeing reviewed here on Catapult Fitness Blog.com, please let us know by writing us at AskTheTrainer@CatapultFitnessBlog.com

Updated 8/12/2012

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