Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meet Sydney

Following what was a brutal 2-day bootcamp in Los Angeles, CA this past August, I inexplicably signed up for a personal training session with one of the bootcamp trainers, Sydney Sloan.

Now you would think Sydney would have some sympathy for me in that I just completed 10-hours of whooping and our session was at 7 am on a Monday morning.

Nope. She kicked my butt.

That’s ok, because that’s what a good personal trainer should do. But Sydney is more than just a good personal trainer. She is perhaps one of the most motivating and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of meeting. So much so that when Sydney showed interest in becoming a regular contributor to Catapult Fitness Blog I couldn’t wait to introduce you to her.

On that note, meet Sydney.

Question: Sydney, how did you get started in fitness?

Sydney: I was born and raised here in Los Angeles. I have always been athletic and fitness minded. As a child I was very active, participating in sports and I studied dance.

Once I was old enough to get a gym membership I had one. I loved taking aerobics classes (it was the 80's) and working on the machines. Working out and being strong always make me feel good, that was the draw for me.

I got started in fitness as a career just shy of 6 years ago. I had just shut down my clothing company and was taking some time to regroup. I was unsure of where my life was headed. My greatest thinking place as always was the gym, and now it was spin class.

I was taking spin regularly at a small club near my home and one of the owners was in class and noticed my passion while riding and asked if I'd be interested in teaching. This was a huge turning point in my life.

I took that question and created a new business and recreated a passion of mine. I aggressively pursued all necessary certifications to be a teacher and trainer. I did whatever I could to be on the schedule at clubs all over town and get clients on my books.

My career has grown and I get the privilege of doing what I love everyday and help people get comfortable in there own skin through health and fitness. I am blessed.

Question: During the “beating” you gave me out in LA you mentioned some physical challenges that you deal with on a daily basis. Can you share some of those details with Catapult Fitness Blog readers and give us insight in regards to your exercise regime?

Sydney: Working out for me has taken on new meaning. I have undergone 4 spinal surgeries in the past couple years. So I have had to change up what I do. I still spin regularly and I lift light weights for muscle endurance. I am about to start swimming, as this will be my latest challenge.

I don't discuss what I can no longer do. That conversation gets in the way of my gratitude for what I can do ... AND THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING, NO MATTER HOW MUCH PAIN I AM IN, THAT I CAN DO FOR MY FITNESS.

I will share these with you in the hopes that some one reading this will go "hey I feel that too, if she can do that stuff maybe I can to."

- Pins and needles in both hands and feet all the time
- Headaches
- Pain
- Loss of mobility
- Loss of strength
- Fatigue
- Depression
- Fear

None of these symptoms keep me from showing up for myself everyday. Sometimes the most I can so for myself is walk 20 minutes on a treadmill, but I did it. JUST SHOW UP.

Question: Hearing your story made a tremendous difference in my own workout routine. I moan and groan a lot less, grateful for what I’m able to accomplish. With that said I often hear from people who know all about healthy living, but can’t actually get up from the couch or make time for it. What do you say to these folks?

Sydney: Knowing isn’t doing.

Question: Agreed. On that note there is so much information available to folks via the Internet, are there any fitness myths that you would like to debunk?

Sydney: I’m not one to debunk anything that someone else has put out there in the fitness world. Maybe it worked for them. Health and fitness are a process. It takes some patience and perseverance, but it is attainable.

Question: Fair enough. On that note, I’m thrilled you’ll be joining Catapult Fitness Blog as a regular contributor, spear-heading the Ask the Trainer column

Sydney: I am looking forward to answering all and any questions your readers might have for me.

Sydney Sloan is a Certified Personal Trainer based out of Los Angeles, California. Sydney hold’s PT Certifications from ACE, NASM and is a Certified Maddog Spin Instructor.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and would like to schedule an appointment with Sydney you can contact her at

Sydney will be answering fitness questions on Catapult Fitness Blog. You can send questions to

Train hard; stay strong.



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