Friday, May 1, 2009

Episode 4 - You Cannot Out Train a Poor Diet!

While I'm not typically a Starbuck's fan (yeah, really), those Frappucino's are another thing! I have mindlessly consumed a Vente (24 oz) Mocha Frapp while strolling around New York City on a hot summer day (no whip, of course since I'm always 'watching' what I eat).

And what do I get for my $5.00? - 380 calories; 3 grams of saturated fat; 320 mg sodium; 78 grams carbs of which 65 grams are sugar! source:

I'm not certain I can do enough kettlebell swings to make up for this nutritional disaster!

For about the same price of a Vente, Mocha Frappuchino I can be doing one of Craig's bootcamp workouts (they cost $4.62/ea). Kind of a no-brainer, right?

If you haven't given these a try yet, Craig let me post one earlier this month that you can check-out here.

Train hard; stay strong.

Thanks for all the kind 1-year anniversary wishes!


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